Easily find and work with reputable, trustworthy and HIPAA compliant vendors.

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We believe it should be easy for both business associates and covered entities to safely work together.


Verify your vendors are able to provide satisfactory assurance of compliance. Verify your compliance as a vendor in health care.


Trust you are working with vendors who can safeguard Protected Health Information. Trust you meet the compliance requirements.


Gain assurance from your peers vendor reviews. Gain visibility as a professional health care company.

Free, easy and effective tool for Covered Entities to Find and Recommend Business Associates who are safe HIPAA compliant vendors to work with. Who's Compliant provides Business Associates the ability to demonstrate their Satisfactory Assurance of HIPAA compliance.

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Member Features

Annual Organization Assessment

Receive an Organization Assessment of your practice or company including Technical objective based scan, Administrative requirements, and Physical safeguards

(Also for Covered Entities)

Satisfactory Assurance Documentation

Easily distribute your required Satisfactory Assurance of HIPAA Compliance documentation to covered entities.

HIPAA Compliance Attestation

Attest for all areas of HIPAA compliance required and which safeguard the information you are entrusted with.

Analytics & Insights

Access easy to understand analytics for your organization profile activity.

Compliance Trust Profile

Allows you to attest and display your compliance certifications and program adherence your organization meets.

Industry Certifications

Share with Covered Entities important certifications your organization has achieved.

Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Our verification process eliminates anonymous reviews, giving Covered Entities trusted, more credible info to make the safe choice.

Compliance Badge

Clean Professional website and media badge to demonstrate your compliance trust profile.

Quarterly Compliance Newsletter

Receive important compliance information imperative for your organization.

(Also for Covered Entities)

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How It Works

With the Who's Compliant platform, Business Associates can easily Demonstrate, Display, and Verify that they are a HIPAA compliant vendor who will safeguard Protected Health Information.

As Federal requirement for Covered Entities and Business Associates to work with reputable, trustworthy, HIPAA Compliant vendors. We believe it should be easy for both the Business Associates and Covered Entities to safely work together.


Our team of experts will perform your Organization Assessment. This will identify your vulnerabilities and provide you with a corrective actions plan. (Included)


Demonstrate your company's HIPAA Compliance.


Promote your company as a Safe, Reputable, and Trustworthy organization.


Share your Compliance Trust Profile with health care providers seeking your services.

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